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Aggressive Approach to Diabetes Proves Harmful

June 15th, 2008 · No Comments

NATURE: June 2008: Aggressive approach to diabetes proves harmful
Attacking blood sugar levels with high drug doses can be dangerous.
Patients with type 2 diabetes, a high risk of cardiovascular disease, and who use aggressive measures to reduce their blood sugar levels could actually be shortening their lives, according to a large clinical trial. The results contradict the established theory that diabetics benefit from driving down their excessively high blood sugar levels as forcibly as possible. . .

Ed. Note: Fortunately the homeopathic approach to disease treats each patient as a unique individual and provides many remedies. Out of 1005 remarks that come up for the word “diabetes” in ReferenceWorks here are just a few specific remedies.

Diabetes remedies (8): acet-ac., arg., ars., 2clem., 3Gymne., iris, 2kali-p., lac-ac.
Sixty-Five remedies are Listed in J.H. Clarke, MD 'A Clinical Repertory” for Diabetes with a few specific for:
insipidus - apo, K.n, Scil, Ur.n
Mellitus - opi, Ur.n
Pancreatic - Iris, Pan

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